“Designing for travel is more interesting.  

You have to squeeze the maximum functionality & style 

in as little weight as possible.  

THAT requires both science and style”

Fashion+Travel  2.0

Let’s face it, travel products are hardly stylish and fashion products are clunky.

What we need is a new dimension of products:  a millenial hybrid of travel and fashion – personal gear that integrates multiple functionality with effortless style. 

Luxilitarian presents just that – all are original utility models/patent protected ideal for travel retail & brand licensing. 

Bags & Luggage
          • BAGCEPTION:  One Bag, nine lives. 
          • BAGCEPTION Gentleman’s  Bag:   From Bar to Boardroom. 
          • Artist’s Tote:  Move over, Le Pliage.  This is the tote of the new millenium.
          • Chic & Easy Carry On.  Lightest, ergonomic carry on.  For what really matters.
Travel Beauty
          • FACE ZERO™.  Your own brand of beauty in an iphone sized case.  Made in Italy.
          • FACE ZERO™. Make Up Brush Kit.  Professional Level brush, in a teeny tiny little light case.  Made in France.
Fashion Accessories
          • EYECATCHER™ The Cool Way Not To Lose Glasses.
          • PORTOCCHIALI™ Keep Your Glasses.  In Style.
          • LUXILITARIAN Travel Scarf.  Have scarf, will travel.
          • MKN™  Multi Heel, Comfy Travel Shoe 

The utility models and its improvements/iterations/dimensional, material and style modifications are patent protected and represented for license/franchise by Luxilitarian Ltd.  UK

Copying utility models, even if you change the material, closure system, dimensions is unlawful and punishable by law. If you are a brand and wish to produce your own version of our utility models, kindly get in touch with Luxilitarian Ltd.

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