FCS: One Bag, Nine Lives.

you have several roles in life,

why shouldn’t your bag?

The FCS adapts to your journey.

Morning to evening. Business to Casual. Rain and shine.

A stroll around the block, a day trip, a trek or a cocktail.

Hands-free and always appropriately graceful.

The FCS is a dynamic bag.



  1. it is hands-free
  2. it changes sizes
  3. It changes looks – casual to formal and then to waterproof
  4. It is convenient- You can access essentials instinctively, without looking
  5. It is secure- essentials have no risk of falling off or being misplaced or forgotten, because you do not transfer bags from one place to another. There is an extra tether security against pickpockets, and a disappearing secret compartment.
  6. It is beautiful and light.

FCS is meant to be beautiful in movement rather than standing on the shelf.

It is a bag that lives with the person who carries it.

One reason why we do not provide a dust bag-

because FCS is not meant to collect dust,

It is meant to be used every day and every occasion of your life.


The FCS is a patented innovation that creates the bag from the ground up,
like nothing you have seen before.

It was designed by studying all our life occasions and what we carry

We measured the dimensions of

  • what we need to carry,
  • how frequent we have to access them
  • and how accessible and secure they should be.

We took into consideration :

  • the occasions each item is carried
  • and the “formality” or special “social decorum” and weather condition we have to carry them.

From there, we designed a carrying system which we called “Fibonacci Carrying System” or FCS.   Because we found that the size of our carry follows a proportion that is inherent in nature.

With a little inspiration from the “Origami” the Japanese art of paper folding and “Optimus Prime”, the Transformer, the FCS is born.

Part Origami, Part Optimus Prime.

The FCS is born.




A limited edition beta version went on sale last Spring 2016.
This early version which you see in this video was made in Italy by a sole artisan.
The beta transforms into 10 different bags.

We are preparing for a launch of the FCS in 2 Brands and price levels.
It will be launched online and be distributed in airport retail & our own website.
Kindly follow us on social media for further announcements.

If you are a company who wants to produce your interpretation of this utility model, please contact us.

We look forward and

we hope you graceful travels.  Always.

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