game over lost eyeglasses!

humanity, you are free!



unMatch the eyecatcher to your outfit.

Because you’re cool like that.



“We had a chance to review the product today as a group.  The product rates really well in all of our 7 criteria.  We had 5 people who gave us responses from using the product as well and they had nothing but positive things to say about the product!”

Earl Pardo

Will It Launch

I have this Eyecatcher and I have to say I really love it. It’s comfortable and fits on any clothes easely.

Although mine is grey the colour is really great beautiful, it matches nearly any shade you wear it with, it’s not too brash and showy. But it’s also elegant so when it does get noticed it’s no bad thing.

I much prefer it to the granny chain, or the kids colourful bungy. It’s stylish and practical!

Sophie Glaser

Amazon 5* Review


When I started working in a ‘business casual’ office I never knew where to put my reading glasses until I found this gizmo (which gets a lot more compliments than any of my jackets ever did).

James Rogers

Marketing Manager, Abbott

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