Rowena’s Journey



Hello!  My name is Rowena.

I created Luxilitarian in April 2013.


This is the story of how I got here.


I was born in a beautiful shoemaking town, we are good, hardworking people even if we swear. A lot.


I studied mechanical engineering but I was immediately employed into marketing by Unilever.

They gave me a difficult time in the interview (it was a blind ad) and offered quite a high salary then.

I took the job and pretty much stayed in corporate marketing and consulting for the next 25 years…with periodic lapses of entrepreneurship.

When I finally quit, I started a blog about the marketing tactics I use to manipulate women into buying more cosmetics than they need.  It was a non commercial, critically acclaimed blogger’s blog.





I spend a lot of time with my nieces and nephews. This is Aweng, the youngest one. She is just perfect, not a brat. I don’t like bratty kids.

I dress up for halloween, here I am channeling Amy Winehouse

I established Luxilitarian after a difficult chain of unfortunate events in my life, one of them a big flood in my hometown that took away everything I had but saved all my loved ones, so I am lucky.

Luxilitarian was created when I had nothing but a tiny spark left.

And I hope you find the value in it to support what we are here for.  Because it comes from the heart.

Thank you and may you have graceful travels, always.




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