Thank you for considering supporting us.

Your kind words of encouragement, your sharing to friends, offer of your time, ideas and money will go a long, long way.
Aside from LUXILITARIAN, we also link you directly to people and communities that we meet in our journey who you would like to directly support.

Here is how you can help LUXILITARIAN.


To your friends via twitter, instagram, facebook, pinterest.
I, Rowena, personally tweet and we do not use bots.

You can also register your email with us to receive news.
We do not give regular email updates, only when we have something truly newsworthy.


Nothing warms the heart better than nice words from a stranger.


Luxilitarian is a lot of work and has gone this far with a lot of help from friends.
Do you have a talent or an idea that can help LUXILITARIAN or our communities?
Photography, Videography, packaging designer, website or e-commerce, marketing, promotion?
Contact us via email or twitter or fb or instagram.


Luxilitarian is a social enterprise and thus our objective is People, Nature Balance and Growth before profit.
So we cannot accept investors who have a conflict of interest.

We would be happy to accept support from patrons or donors for either LUXILITARIAN or for the people/communities that we meet.
We understand that sometimes, as donors, you would like to give anonymously.
But as a social enterprise, we value transparency and accountability.
So we suggest perhaps to give a code like Anonymous586 or whatever handle suits you.

To donate, send to our paypal: luxilitarian(at)
Donor name or code: (You choose)
If you would like to course through us donations for certain communities/people, kindly add the name of community.

We report our financials every year and place it in a dropbox folder.  For now, until we are better set up, kindly email us for a link of our financials folder.  Our email is hello(at)luxiliitarian(dot)com.

Thank you very much!   And may you have graceful travels.  Always.

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