Light and Purpose. 

We research and design personal travel gear :

a hybrid of clothing & accessory.

our products gracefully adapt

to different situations of the traveller

 so she can  be in balance with her world.


Our beginnings are humble,

but our vision is clear.

We  are a social enterprise registered in the UK in April 2013.

As a social enterprise, we sell products and pay our collaborators

like a normal company does.

The difference is how we use our profit.

Money in the bank does good only for a few.

These are our measures to success


We pay what is needed to live an adequate standard of life.

Happy people
make quality products.


We use materials & processes
that support eco-balance.

Quality is better than
any marketing jargon.


Product innovation and community growth is our measure to success.

Money in the bank
does good only for a few.

Hello! My name is Rowena.

I created Luxilitarian and its products.
rather than change the world,
I  hope to learn and be a better person for it.




I believe that the better we are,
the better the world will be.



We are more than a travel product company.
We enable graceful travellers.
Graceful travellers make a better world.



We are honored to be  nominated

in The UK Enterprise Awards 2017




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